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Beautiful Korea

Do you want to travel?

I introduce the sights of Republic of Korea.
This work contains the sights of Republic of Korea, including major islands and mountains etc.

This work presents landmarks of  ROK.

  • National Treasure(No. 1 ): Sungnyemun Gate(in Seoul)
  • Namsan Tower(in Seoul)
  • Paldalmun Gate(in Suwon)
  • Seokguram Grotto and Cheomseongdae(in Gyeongju)
  • Dodamsambong Peaks(in Danyang)
  • Homigot(in Pohang)
  • Naroho Space Center(in Goheung)
  • Yeongdo Lighthouse(in Busan)
  • Juknokwon(in Damyang)
  • Sokcho ferris wheel
  • Turtle ship
  • Andong Hahoe mask
  • Jindo dog
  • Boryeong Mud Festival
  • Jinhae Gunhangje Festival

Through this work, I want to let you experience indirectly.

Thank you!

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