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Arc 900 Jedi Starfighter

This is the Jedi recon starfighter used by the jedi during the clone wars. I used Lego Digital Designer to make this. Update, It has 307 pieces

Here is the cockpit of the starfighter. It's crew are 2 Jedi pilots and an astromech droid.

Here are the Jedi and the astromech droid. As you can see the Jedi on the left is holding a blue curved lightsaber, in the middle you can see the astromech droid, and the last one on the right is a rodian jedi with 2 yellow lightsabers.

I didn't gave them any name but I thought the Lego company might.

And here are the landing gears that looks unique.

The starfighter is equipped with 8 laser cannons, 8 ion cannons, and 8 plasma cannons.
And here you can see the astromech droid on the starship.

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