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Electro Scorp Mech

This is the Electro Scorp Mech, it is a robot scorpion that you can drive and control. It has six legs, each of them contains 5 electric sacs (yellow circular sacs).

Its tail is very powerful as it can shoot poisonous missiles and shoot blasts of lightning from its grabber.
The Electro Scorp Mech can also walk on walls, as well as smash stuff with its green tail missile. It has spikes on both sides of its grabber to help it climb up all kind of surfaces.

It was a night summer dark, where my family and I were playing with our LEGO blocks. We suddenly got inspired by the scorpions present in our country and their amazing abilities. This combined with robotics and technology, makes us think how powerful this mech would be.

I am sure this would make a great LEGO set because it looks cool, it is a very powerful robot / machine with different types of weapons which can help you protect your friends and other LEGO creations from the enemy. Its colors, details and flexibility of movement makes it interesting to build and play with.

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