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Brutaka (Generation 2)


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Hello all, and thank you for clicking on this project!

This creation is for all the fans of Bionicle, old and new. I don't have the time for an amazingly eloquent and long description, so I'll be rapid-quick - er - I'll make this brief... If you don't know who Brutaka is, click on this link:

For starters, I know he's supposed to have blue rather than black, but as far as I can see, he gives off more of a new-and-improved look this way, while also maintaining his general appearance. After all, you G2 fans recognized him, didn't  you? Also, Someone on the gallery noticed that the extra "arms" were not included. Yes, they are not, because I could not add them. I can honestly say I tried my best to add his extra "arms" in a way that could fold up, but I could not figure it out. If I find a way later on, I will add that in an update.

You also may have noticed the unique hands. Yes, I designed them, but I can't help but give some credit to Virtual_Grue, since I gained inspiration for these hands from one of his models. You can see that model here:

So, anyway, please support this project! Thanks!