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Medieval Farm For Knights

What is it?
It is a medieval farm that support the needs for the knights and their horses. The hardworking farmer grows grains and pasture grass for the horses. Now, the horse have sufficient food. Still, the country is not safe. The knights must stay inside the farm and become the guard of the farm.

Why is it special?
This is a set with a medieval style farm with crop field. There are many possibilities for people to play such as playing with the field and feed the horse. The buildings are all designed with a medieval style. It is suitable for castle fan or medieval fan as there were not much farm sets for castle theme in recent years. Putting farm into the medieval world is a very good choice.

The set includes:
one guardhouse
one horse stable
two crop field with grains and grass
2 horses with full set of armor
3 minifigures (2 knights and one medieval farmer)

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