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Doctor Who TARDIS Console Room

Geronimo! From traveling through space and time to time to visit galaxies to just going
back 5 minutes to grab your car keys this police box is your best bet.
I Now introduce to you the TARDIS Console Room from the current season of Doctor Who!

And of course included is the Police Box itself. Rather you're a whovian or not I'm sure you've seen this iconic blue box before. Although this may just look like a police box, it's much more
It's built with a unique forced perspective building technique to make it look like its a box!

And here is a shot from further back to show the curved build of the Console Room.
Included are details such as colored lights, domed roof, 11th doctor holding his sonic screwdriver, and spinning Console!

So in closing rather you're an FOL or whovian or both make sure to support this Project! Allons-y!

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