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Parking With Rooftop Garden


Hello Creative People,

I would like to share with you my Idea for Parking with Rooftop Garden.

Some facts about this model:

- Model is build in and uses 2999 pieces
- Provides space for 21 cars (4-6 studs wide x 8 studs long x 5 bricks high)
- Includes 7 Rooftop Gardens
- Elevator rotates 360° in the center of the Parking
- Elevator goes up and down operated by the red gears on top of it

On top of the Parking a dedicated Gardner created 7 Rooftop Gardens, where Minifigures can relax and enjoy green all around.

The lift is made with technic bricks, it has two cabins for passengers and is also transporting passengers to the rooftop gardens.

I came up with this idea a while ago, as a solution to store the available cars of my kids at home and also have a play feature for them, which are working out just as imagined. We have a bigger, wider version of this Parking at home build with available parts and everybody loves playing with it.

Finally, I am glad that I found some time to build a smaller version of this Parking virtually and happy to share this idea with other LEGO fans.

I hope you will like my idea and would like to support it to become an official LEGO set for many other LEGO Cities around the world.


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