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Fidget Cube


The Fidget Cube and Fidget spinner have recently been a huge hit. I decided to build one of the cubes out of legos. For the cube itself, i used the game cube from the lego pirate game. And for the sides, i used basic pieces such as, a 2x2 smooth, (4) 1x1 smooth studs, and 1x1 slopes. This was very simple to build, and only took me about 20 minutes from scratch. Only one of the sides is fully functional though, but if i reach 10,000 supporters, I will make a new cube with all the sides working.

Pieces: 17

I would price this around $8 and for kids 4+.  This cube is great for fidgeting and playing with when you are bored. They can get really addicting really easily too. If you don't mind, go check out my other projects too!!!

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