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Toronto Landmarks (Architechture)


Voted as the best city to live in 2015, Toronto is one of the cities worth to visit. Among the other city in Canada, Toronto has many landmarks that depict the Canadian image. Below is the details which building included in this set:

- CN Tower is the only tower that was built for Canada Nationality, and they built it in Toronto. Look at the surrounding of CN Tower; there is Rogers Centre the baseball stadium, and Harborfront. Those buildings are inseparable icons of Toronto by the lake.

- Royal Ontario Museum is the largest museum in the province, with unusual architecture. Located in the heart of DowntownToronto, this museum captive so many tourists for its collection and attraction.

- Old City Hall is the Toronto authentic landmark that had been through multiple renovations. It used to be for Toronto City Council, but now it serves as a courthouse.

- Nathan Philip Square located beside the Old City Hall is a landmark of modern building and a rendezvous place for people around the world. It's famous for the TORONTO sign and outdoor skating rink in the winter or fountain in the summer.

- The well known, but under appreciation CNE Princess Gate. CNE is the short form of Canadian National Exhibition, and this gate is a unique building to get into CNE. Every year, Toronto has spectacular exhibition held in here, and everyone who comes by car will find this gate as the main entrance on the east side.


227 Pieces in total
Appx. 302mm (Height),  256mm (Length), 64mm (width).

In this Architecture Series, Toronto may add more experience in addition to the existing sets such as Berlin, Chicago, and London.

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