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The Temple of Time- Celebrating 35 Years of the Legend of Zelda


The Legend of Zelda series is one of the greatest video-game franchises of all time. The games are all masterpieces in their own ways. This franchise perfectly balances adventure, combat, puzzles, worldbuilding, and story. There is a reason this franchise is celebrated by millions. I love The Legend of Zelda franchise, it's a franchise dear to my heart and one where I am overjoyed by every new game. When I saw Mario (another franchise that I love) be adapted into Lego, it made me think, what other Nintendo franchises could be adapted into Lego form, the Legend of Zelda was one of the first's that came to my mind. But I had a problem, which game was this going to be based on, each game contains a different Link and Zelda, each one  with very different style. It was hard, all of the Legend of Zelda games are perfect in their own right. However, after lots of thinking, I decided to build temple of time from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Now why this one, out of all of them, well, let me explain why. Before talking about the location, let's talk about the game. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time has been regarded as many as one of the best games of all time, for revolutionizing 3D gaming and building on the previous concepts from past games, it's one of my favorite games. It's legacy cannot be defied, it set the groundwork for countless other games. The location houses what has been regarded to be one of the greatest video game moments of all time, Link lifting the master-sword. This perfectly captures the epicenes of the Legend of Zelda, the sense of progression, and the never-ending journey. This scene provided a great twist, sending our hero seven years into the future, with more dungeons, more characters, and more challenge, it's been mentioned at least once when discussing the greatest moments in gaming. Not to mention that this is a scene easy to replicate, other scenes considered such as entering the great plateau, the final day, fighting the Hero's shade, and more are harder to capture due to either the amount of pieces, or the complexity itself. So it was decided on what I was going to build for the 35th anniversary (which is in 2021) of the Legend of Zelda


I've done my best to include most of the major characters from the game in this set, with the time-jump, some characters have young and old versions, the main characters have special stands representing various locations. The sages have their medallions, the ones you receive after your rescue a sage.  Here are the characters:

Main characters (Left to right)

Link (young and old): Both Links share Hyrule field. There is grass and flowers, resembling a section of the field. Epona is here, along with a tree containing the owl who constantly guides you. 

Zelda (young and old): Both Zeldas share Hyrule castle, specifically the place where Link and Zelda meet for the first time.

Ganondorf: Ganondorf's shows final battle, where the castle crumples down and Ganondorf transforms into Ganon. His stand also includes the crystal were Zelda is trapped in at the end of the game.

The other characters (Left to right)
Ruto (old)

The Temple of Time

Of course, the main build is the temple of time, it's a one to one recreation of the one we see in the game. I mixed the style of the N64 and 3DS layout, as both have very different interiors and exteriors specifically in the color department, some of the model is based on the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, which provided a better look at the exterior. When comparing the Lego one to the real model, I made sure to include every little detail. The front of the temple is easily removable so you can see the inside. It's got everything, the door to the room, the song of time, and the master sword itself. Overall I think it turned out very well, this build is 2631 pieces.

The Triforce

How could I not include this iconic iconic, the three pieces, courage, wisdom, and power, are all here. As a bonus, you can connect the character display stands to their respective piece of the Triforce. The build is 78 pieces.


The Legend of Zelda franchise is a franchise that means a lot to me. I believe this would make for a great official Lego set, it reflects the adventure, grandness, and world of The Legend of Zelda. I've put all my effort into this, I want this set to celebrate the 35 years of The Legend of Zelda, the 35 years of video game perfection. I hope you enjoy my model, and please, be sure to provide feedback so this set can be the best it can possibly be.

Thank you! 

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