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Lego Decades

These would be Lego sets that explore the most iconic moments of many decades. These would be sets dedicated to exploring the great moments that shaped the world through 1900's until present. The birth of rock n roll, the invention of the automobile, roaring twenties, classic cars, drive-ins, fast food restaurants, oscar winning movies, the rat pack, hippies, heavy metal, disco, music television, the computer, wi-fi, yuppies, and so many more great moments. It could include icons from music, sports, and many inventors of items that sculpted our world(Elvis Presley, Charli Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and many more).Price would be the same as any Lego sets ranging from $10-$70. Imagine all the nostalgic moments that have touched our lifes transformed into Legos. From our cars, our music, and our pop culture.

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