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Vintage Morse Code Telegraph

This is my latest project. It is a vintage telegraph.

Telegraphs to me are cool old machines, and I wanted to make one in LEGO! They are part of the history of tech, and this model would make a great set because of that. This model includes the telegraph, and a stand. The telegraph can actually move, thanks to a wind up technic piece. When you push down on the front piece, it goes down. When you release, it goes up. The telegraph mechanism can also be taken out of the body of the model.

This model would make a great desk piece, gift for a friend who loves vintage things, and even could be displayed somewhere. It is not too big, nor too small, and is a perfect size. Plus, with all the vintage LEGO Ideas sets being released, the typewriter would fit in perfectly with them. I hope you guys enjoy my model, and make sure to support it!

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