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The Parisian Brick Boat


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Once upon a time, 100 LEGO years ago, the captain was sailing on his boat, the Parisian brick boat, when it hit a rock and began to sink. He then swam back to brick city but when they came back, the boat wasn't there. They looked under the sea, but it wasn't there. All of a sudden, they saw the Pacific coast pirate bounty taking it away. They sent the people of brick island to fight them but by the time they got there, the boat had been taken over by the pirates. The captain was then forced to buy a cabin on brick island and start a farm. 13 years later, the Pacific coast pirate bounty crashed into the same rock and sunk. The pirates were angry and they took over brick island. The farmer and his son were forced to escape the island. They got into the sea and searched for the Parisian boat but couldn't find it. The next day it came up on the beach of brick island. The people found it and left the island on the boat. This project would be great because I have a brick island project and a Pacific coast bounty project. Please support this project, bye for now.

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