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Breakfast - Bacon and Eggs

There is one thing that I am not, and that is a morning person. However, with that said, I would have to argue that breakfast is perhaps my favorite meal of the day. After all, is there anything better than bacon? Well for those of you enjoy sleeping in, here is a breakfast that you can enjoy at any time of the day as there are no laws preventing you from building it after 11:00. I present to you, LEGO BREAKFAST!

A slice of bacon, an egg sunny-side up, and a glass of orange juice, all of them life-sized. Of course, I do realize that not everyone will drink O.J. with their breakfast, so I also included the bricks necessary to drink milk or chocolate milk with your bacon and egg.

Of course, if you are vegetarian or vegan, don't worry. Just tell your friends that it is facon and soy milk and whatever the term is for fake eggs. Technically it's not a lie, it's all made out of plastic.

Now wipe that drool off your face, click support, and head to your kitchen. Whatever time it is where you are reading this, in LEGOLAND it is now breakfast time and breakfast is served.

Disclaimer: Plastic is not a part of a well-balanced diet. We strongly advise against eating LEGO bricks.

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