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Tyrannosaurus Rex Foot

Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the most ferocious predators to ever walk the Earth. Even so, I am sure it is still one of the favourite dinosaurs among us. Other than the iconic head and jaw of T-rex, the feet are another part that play crucial part in making T-rex so iconic.

This model is the skeletal of T-rex's foot as a display set. The colour chosen is close to what can be seen in museum, which is dark tan instead of completely white.

Physical information:
Total parts: 1,301
  • in mm: 416mm(L) x 276mm(W) x 277mm(H)
  • in inches: 16.4"(L) x 10.9"(W) x 10.9"(H)

I build this simply because I really like T-rex!

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