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Hotdog Cart


 They have ice cream trucks, so what about hotdog cars?This is my cute little hotdog cart. It has red and yellow colors to attract its customers and make them hungry. Its a hotdog stand on wheels so it can spread the delicious  aroma all over the city. On the back of the cart it has a cute mini compartment for storing hotdogs.

 This set would include: 3 mini figures, a hungry little boy, a hard working mailman, and a fast hotdog deliveryman! It also comes with a wonderful spot to relax and enjoy your meal, but be aware there are hungry seagulls awaiting. It also includes 2 hotdogs ( one comes with a bun) and a letter.

 It is a mini set, making it a very easy to clean up and store. This set could be played alone or with any other Lego city sets.


 I think this would be a very cute set for hours of creative fun! I really like this set and I hope you do too! It only takes a few seconds so Please Support!  Thank You!


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