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Interstellar: Murphy's Room


Interstellar: Murphy's Room


Welcome to the extraordinary world of Interstellar, a film created by Christopher Nolan in 2014. It tells of the journey of astronauts guided by Cooper, a farmer and former pilot. The earth is dying and they have to go for a new planet thanks to a black hole placed near Jupiter. I hope you can see the film, but it is impossible for me to tell the whole story. For those who have seen it, they will recognize the "codex" in which Cooper is taken at the end of the film, as well as many other details referring to the film, such as the library, the sand on the ground or the broken spaceship in two. In addition, the characters will recreate typical scenes, such as when young Murphy deciphers the place of books in the library.


Murphy's room includes various details.

-The library supports the "slats" of the codex and can be detached from the room.

-Part of the wall can also be detachable.

-In the room is arranged a bed, a large cupboard with a plane, a statuette and a small box.

-There is table with a Rubix cube, a lamp and a parchment.

-Near the door is arranged a desk with a lamp, notebooks and a plumier. A chair can seat a character.

-Next to it is an iron cabinet with a radio, a frying pan and objects. The blue trash can is filled with paper

-A detailed radiator heats the room and there is a small cupboard next to which is a cardboard, pizza, glass and soda.

-There is sand on the ground ; books are toppled near the library and a spaceship is broken near the bed. A lamp hanging from the ceiling illuminates the room.

-A painting hangs on the wall. The set includes 4people: Murphy young and old as well as Cooper dressed normally and as an astronaut.

What for?

This set could make you dream small and big thanks to its colors, its design as well as its grandeur. Fans will recognize themselves with pleasure and others will simply spend a great time building, exhibiting and imagining an extraordinary universe. The scale a little larger than the characters makes it easy to play.

So I hope you will vote for this project, whether you be a fan (like me) or not!!

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