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Alright, this is my first project, so I'm likely going to mess everything up and it will look wierd and all sorts of stuff, but here we go...


So this is just a small Osgiliath set for the Lord of the Rings that I made. It comes with two ruined structures and four minifigures.

These are the minifigures that come with the set, two Ithilien Rangers and two Gondor Soldiers. 


This is the larger of the two ruined buildings. It was meant to look like the soldiers had temporarily set up shop there, featuring a torch on the wall and a barrel with an extra spear in it.



Here is the smaller of the two structures, a ruined wall. This one has a special function: you can flick a lever to make it explode as if hit by an enemy catapult!


Here you have a back view of the full set. 



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