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The Magic Mirror Room

This is my replica of the Magic Mirror Room from 1934 movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Walt Disney, 
one of my favorite movies and a masterpiece of cinema and animation.

The set comprises of 2 areas:
-The Magic Mirror Room (Lower Floor), where the Evil Queen Grimhilde invokes her spirit slave to answer her questions.
-The Evil Queen Balcony (Upper floor and exterior walls), where the Evil Queen watches her kingdom and keep an eye on her stepdaughter (Snow White)

I tried to replicate it as well as possible to make the movie come to life in a Lego set. For that, I created custom stickers for the magic mirror (with its spirit inside), the zodiac signs, the wall reliefs, the floor, shields, and the window glass panes. This is the first idea I submit and would love to hear back from you with tips and suggestions.

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