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The Green Square

When I decided to create this set, I was thinking about a little park in the city, a place where people could relax after a working day or meet with friends and have a walk. While building I thought about putting a small restaurant (something like a “food corner”) inside my park. So I created this little open building where Chef Ernest prepares his excellent big steaks and his incredible tasty pizzas.

I have built this set because – even if I’m very young – I have always dreamt about seeing a set created by me published on Lego Ideas site, where my friends and all the people worldwide could see and vote. I think this could be a simple but good looking Lego “green set” that every fan can play with and put inside his/her Lego town to create a peaceful corner with no cars, no big buildings and no hurry: a sort of a green square.  

Hope you like it and….thank you for voting me!

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