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Citroën BX - 80's Camping Trip

Hello everyone!
This is my first submission, I hope it will go well!

For many, the Citroën BX is a forgettable grandpa's car. For me, it's an 1980's icon with a shocking and underrated design. One of Bertone's many masterpiece.
I wanted to recreate it in Legos as a tribute to one of my all time favorite cars, with a little extra. A fully detailed caravan as a throwback to the golden age of caravan's camping.

This model features:
-A recognizable tribute to a timeless design (I hope)
-Fully detailed interior of both the caravan and vehicle
-An adjustable suspension, raisable/lowerable by about 7mm, simulating the famous Citroen's hydropneumatique suspension
-"Everything" openable (Doors, hood, hatch...)
-Easily removable roof on both the caravan and BX
-Small stand for the caravan to seat on once detached from the main vehicle
-Caravan awning, made of cloth (Not doable with software)

Everything shown was done using Lego Digital Designer. I don't have the fund to buy parts to reproduce it in real life, but its 100% doable! A few "custom" parts are missing, as said a small cloth used as a cover on the caravan awning, as well as two rubber bands going from the axle to a stud inside the model on both side of the suspensions.

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