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The Mushroom House

My building wants to take you to a magical world where even a mushroom can become a tiny house. Everyone likes to imagine that the wood has something enchanted and is populated by magical creatures and little inhabitants.

I imagined this small house inside a mushroom and inhabited by an old wise man, who is the guardian of the ancient fountain of flowers, whose water keep all the surrounding vegetation green and lush.
I like building set with a fantasy setting because it stimulates my creativity a lot and keeps the child in me alive.

In this project, I tried to put the main structure in a wooded context, favouring bright colours that recall those of a flourishing and lush nature.
The roof is completely removable, so you can play inside the house.
Of course, the idea that it can becomes a LEGO set is fascinating as well as ambitious, but I think that something like this could be really a new theme in the LEGO world.

Thanks for your attention.

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