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King Alone(modular House)


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It is a module with a three-story building and a one-story building.
The three-story building symbolizes the king. At first, we made the king and queen building together, but it was too large, so I shortened it a bit.

On the first floor, the owner took a short break before opening. On the rooftop, a part-time student is meeting a friend. I think it would be nice to just look at each other's faces. Maybe the tea is cooling down.
The building on the right was a little calm and quiet like a king. The whole was painted in pale green, and partially decorated with multicolored ornaments. The king puts on a golden crown.
The first floor are clothing stores. The owner of the clothing store is the director's wife.
The second floor is a small cinema (Small theater). It is mainly a place to study independent films. The name of the movie theater is Li ic.
The third floor is the director's office that runs the small cinema. It is a meeting place for people who love movies.
The person standing on the stairs on the first floor is the director.

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