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Classic Taxi


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Instantly recognisable as an everyday icon, the classic taxi set here is based on the 'Checker Marathon', which was for decades the standard taxi in many places.

The set features all the detail and build quality of the creator expert vehicles in the range that Lego sells today and I thought this would fit in with the range.

Built at 16 studs wide and with all 4 working doors, opening hood and trunk, it makes for an interesting and playable build. Around 1100 pieces are used and 8 stickers would be required to produce the model shown (the chequers are not stickers and are created by using 1x1 tile pieces). It has a detailed interior, engine bay and even some luggage to place in the working trunk!

The set has a very similar construction to official sets such as the VW camper van and  Mini Cooper, where a small amount of Technic is used in the chassis underneath for strength but the model is 95% Standard Lego. I opted out of using transparent pieces to create glass so the windscreen could be more accurately shaped using bendable pieces.

If you have any suggestions for improvements leave a comment as I will update this set!

Thanks for looking!

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