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2006 Honda Rubicon 500

When I was younger, our family had a red Honda Rubicon. This quad was priceless to me as it became one of my all time favourite things to enjoy. Until one day, sadly, we had to sell it. Ever since, I’ve been longing to drive one again. 

Those fond memories are what inspired me to create this Lego design. The process of the project was a lot of trial and error, especially with the limited pieces I had on hand. Months passed as it took many tries to get as close to the real thing as possible. Finally I ending up with this, the red Honda Rubicon 500cc ATV (2006 model), built into a Lego model. 

Originally, I was designing this as a way to look back to the past; but in the making, I realized this could be a potential Lego idea. Quads, also know as ATVs, are one of the vehicles Lego has least produced. There is only one technique quad and a few mini quads in various sets. I believe this design could inspire Lego to make their own design of the very first model of a real quad! 

Like the real thing, I’ve added many unique characteristics: a skid plate, front and real reflectors, red shocks, gear shifter, independent front suspension drive shaft, muffler, speed gauge, accurate looking head lights and more! There is even a winch that manually works.

Thank you so much for viewing my design. I hope you like it as much as I do. Research this quad if you would like to compare it to the real deal! 

Thanks again,
Noah Gal 

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