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Jack's Amazing Car


Is it a tank? Is it a truck? No ... it's Jack's Amazing Car!

The incredible Jack Car features four supersonic shooters and an extra large engine. The place where Jack commands his car is one of the most comfortable and beautiful of the 21st century. There is an comfortable couch, a floor that resembles the white porcelain of the most beautiful Victorian Castles, and in contrast to the European environment, there is a computer that controls the functions of the Car and has several fun games is full of games, otherwise he will give a scold at his helpers, since Jack does not enjoy computer games). Best of all, your super tires take Jack's Car over 300km/h, so when the bad guy attacks, get ready, he'll be arrested soon!

This set has 12 mini figures, these being:

  • 01 Super Hero (Jack);
  • 01 Super Villain (Abóboro);
  • 03 Jack's helpers;
  • 03 Abóboro’s henchmen;
  • 04 Abóboros Velociraptors

In addition to the mini figures the set also has a super Jack Car. It's all 632 pieces of LEGO for you to ride and have fun with Jack's adventures against his archrival Abóboro and his Velociraptors (seriously, do not tell Jack that your computer is full of games).

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