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The Mistborn Trilogy

This playset is based on the Mistborn novels by New York Times best-selling author Brandon Sanderson.  In the Final Empire, an immortal tyrant, the Lord Ruler, has reigned supreme for a thousand years. But a crew of gentlemen-thieves is determined to bring his rule to an end. Central to the plot is the use of magic, known as Allomancy, which allows persons to gain supernatural powers by consuming and metabolizing certain metals.  

House Venture

The building is based on keep Venture, where many significant events occur. It is described as a tall, square building with buttresses and columns. While the full splendor of Keep Venture cannot be captured in one small set, I have maintained the essence of the location and packed it with play features. 

 Allomantic Play Features

Most of the play features are related to allomantic abilities; characters can “push” and “pull” against metals to help them fight, move objects, and launch themselves through the air.  Pearl-gold (representing metal) signals these features, including a trap door on the roof, a break-away wall, a dropping balcony, and a hidden compartment in the floor.  Also included are a coin to “push” off on the floor to launch a minifigure, a coin connected to a transparent spinning bar, and a container with coins to shoot (catapult) at an opponent. 


I have included Vin, Elend, Sazed, TenSoon, Marsh, and a koloss.  Vin is wearing all black with her mistcloak. She has an obsidian dagger and a vile of metals as accessories. Elend is wearing his regal white uniform, and carries a long sword and a book. Sazed is wearing his colorful v-shaped Terris robes, and has his scholar’s satchel. TenSoon, taking the wolf hound form, is accompanied by a bag with skeletal remains.  Marsh, as a Steel Inquisitor, has a half smile, half frown depicting his inner struggle. A hood covers his bald head and he carries an obsidian ax as a weapon.  The blue-skinned koloss is a massive brute and therefore a big-fig is perfect. 


Thank you very much for taking the time to read this; I hope to gain your support. If you like this set, and want it to become a reality, please share this with others.

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