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SugarCade Cafe & Arcade

This is the SugarCade Café & Arcade. I wanted to design something cool, something where I would want to go to and I think I definitely nailed that target. 
The first floor is the café itself. on the outside of the café are a few tables and chairs and each window of café has SugarCade written on, an open sign on one side and a closed sign on the other side. Each chair as well has a print, the initials of the café are printed ono the back (SC). 
In the café are more chairs and tables, a few booths. To the left of the door are a set of stairs and on the wall is a sign indicating that the arcade is upstairs. To the kitchen now, there are two hot drinks machines and in between them is a table with some takeout cups. On the back wall is a large printed menu. At the corner of the kitchen is a cold drinks fridge. The café sell sweets and they are all on the counter, donuts, cookies, muffins and pretzels. On the counter top are some contactless pay machines.
Up to the arcade. The way this arcade works is you pay for a ticket which gives you 1 hour of unlimited play, to receive your points you have to scan the ticket on the scanners which are on each machine, multiplayer games have two scanners; even pool has scanners. As you walk into the arcade you are greeted by the grumpy manager who is wearing a pair of Deats Headphones, yes that's right Deats. His counter has a ticket printer, a cash machine, another contactless pay machine and on his under the counter top is a cash tray. There is a bin behind the counter. Next to the counter is a shelf with all the prizes on and the points you need to win them. Next to that is the points counter. Next to that I designed a basket ball game I call Basket Stars. Opposite that you see DinoBattles, a game where you try to defeat the computer using dinosaurs. Next to that is a dance machine and next to that is a pinball machine. There are two Pac-Man games too. in the middle is the pool table. 
Onto the roof, the roof has four lots of ventilation machines. In the middle of the roof is a skylight. I cant not add a picture of the sides of the roof due to limited spaces available for pictures so please see the main project picture. There are eight minifigures, 3 workers, a police man, grand-dad and gran-daughter, a teen and another man. 
I hope you like my project and if you do I hope you will take a couple of seconds just to press the support button. Please also share this project with friends and family. Thank you!

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