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Captain Future - The Comet


Captain Future

Captain Future, the Wizard of Science protects the solar system from villians like the Space Emperor in the 40s pulp book series from US author Edmond Hamilton.
Captain Future became popular in Japan and central Europe (Capitaine Flam in France, Capitan Futuro in Italy) in the late 80s because of an anime series created by Toei Animation.
He is joined by the flying brain Prof. Simon Wright, the robot Grag and the Android Otho (Grag and Otho should also be included in the LEGO set).

The Model

This build represents Captain Future's iconic spaceship: The Comet.

  • The Comet is app. 40cm long
  • The set contains app. 750 bricks.
  • In this set the front solar panels can be rotated.
  • The upper lid of the front sphere can be lifted to access the cockpit which is equipped with some controls and gives space for two crew members.

In 2020 - rumors say - there will be a Netflix series or a cinema picture featuring Captain Future.
So don't miss the chance to get this set to the shelves when the time has come.

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