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Modular Farmers Hardware Store


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It's been a while since my last modular building and I thought maybe it's best to go with what I do so well already so I now present FARMERS HARDWARE store.

Yes, it's another one though this time I decided to keep some of the exterior simple and give the interior some more detailed designing.

The frontage seems to pop straight out of the 1950's and I took inspiration in part from the latest modular release Diner.

First, lets look at the frontage. I used white with some indentations in the brickwork and sand green for rendering of the lower brickwork.

You'll all noticed the F breaking up the slightly smaller H also being in sand green, inspired by a real sign from the 1920's.

The roof has a large skylight windows and the rear of the store has a single window plus solid white door.

On the inside, a counter at the rear of the store with a modern-ish looking cash register and classic black telephone.

Detailed gondolas line the walls, one carries stock of irrigation supplies and the other is all hardware like shovels and rolls of chain.

Note there is a humble red wheelbarrow mounted on the wall along side the irrigation gondola, all visible spaces are filled to show colour, texture and life in this modular's interior.

This design features a staff member and a customer minifig.

Price on this modular I believe could be around 80 dollars US due to the level of smaller detailed building i.e. stocked gondolas.

If you like the look of this design please support, follow and comment.

I wish to thank you everyone who took the time to look at the images and read this text.

Brick On everyone !

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