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The Happy Hungry Food Truck

Who here likes food trucks? I certainly do, and if you do as well, then you’ll love this build.
The Happy Hungry Food Truck is a design I’ve had in my LEGO city for quite some time, and just recently, I decided to remodel it.
This red build consists of an area where the vendor can easily move around and sell her delicious foods. It also has a traditional park bench, two small trash cans, and a satellite fixture on top.

Why did I build it? I built this truck for a number of reasons. I simply needed a food truck for my LEGO City because everyone needs to eat. I realize that, after I remodeled it, I really enjoyed how well it turned out.
I, too, think that everyone needs a nice LEGO food truck, especially if you have a big LEGO City like me. If you like food trucks in the real world, then you’ll love the Happy Hungry Food Truck.

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