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LEGO Architecture - Antoni Gaudí's Hotel Attraction


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This is my latest submission, Antoni Gaudí's Hotel Attraction, as part of the LEGO Architecture Series.

This model is as near to the look as I can get it, I have included a picture of the original sketch of the building for comparison.

Here is some information on the building:

Hotel Attraction was a proposed project by architect Antoni Gaudí, for a skyscraper in New York City.

The project was commissioned in May 1908. Planned at a total height of 360 metres, it was probably unrealistic for its time. Little is known about its origin, and the project remained unknown until 1956, when a report by Joan Matamala i Flotats was published, called "When the New World called Gaudí".

The drawings for the Attraction Hotel had been proposed as basis for the rebuilding of the Ground Zero of Manhattan.

(information courtesy of Wikipedia)

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