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Modular Playground


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Here’s another modular idea, the Modular Playground. It consists of a walking path in front and a fenced in playground on the rest of the build. On the walking path there is a flower box and two entrances to the playground with a design in the “pavement” in front of each one.

Surrounding the playground is a brown fence, and under the fence on the sides are connecters so this build can connect with other modular buildings. In the playground area there is a bench for parents to sit on while they are watching their kids.

The playground consists of two slides, a ladder, stairs, a fire pole, a climbing tube, and a black spyglass. There are two main areas where all of these accessories come to. On the roofs there is a blue flag to add to the fun of it all. 🤗

This build has 272 parts overall including the minifigures.

This build includes five minifigures:
  • Dad
  • Mom
  • Two Boys
  • One Girl

If you want this idea to become a set, please support it so maybe one day you could have it as your own!👍🏻🔵

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