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Fisherman’s House


My story

This modular (creator) building is created to fit in a Caribbean or seafront Village.

I really believe that this model can be very interesting for fans of my creations. This is my tenth building that I will be submitting. The old fishing store has been taken in production bij Lego Ideas. 


The Fisherman’s House is on a walking distance from the Lighthouse, where you can get the fresh fish and the cool breezes of  the Sea Front Bay.

The Fisherman’s House brings locals and tourists together, to enjoy the freshest seafood. When you are in the mood for seafood, Bob’s Fresh Fish has got you covered.

Bob also likes to BBQ the Caribbean freshest seafood. Expertly prepared and artfully presented. Of course, fish is the star of the show!

Enjoy and explore the Fisherman’s House, where seafood is at its best!

Minifig: Fisherman Bob, 4x cats, 2x seagull, 1x parrot.
Apartment: bed, cabinet, kitchen, bathroom, and more
Market: cabinets with drawers, fish, crab & lobsters
The building consists of roughly 2407 parts

The Fisherman’s House has a fish market and a lookout, that comes up out of the roof. Downstairs, we have the market and on the first floor Bob’s apartment. The first floor can be reached by a staircase. Bob’s apartment has a nice room with a TV and books for entertainment. The Fisherman’s house comes with lots of accessories.

The building: the walls are light nougat and light agua, the windows white and sand turquoise, the roof color is dark brown.

Outside there is a BBQ area, where the cats like to hangout.

If hope you like this design or the idea of The Fisherman’s House building

Thanks for reading and Brick On everyone !

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