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Desktop Lighthouse

This is a simple model I put together inspired by Split Rock Lighthouse on Silver Bay in Minnesota.

Split rock is striking because of it's location at the top of a sheer cliff. This lighthouse model doesn't contain the cliff, but it still captures the general look of the lighthouse. It's more of an "inspired by" than an actual recreation. I may try to add the cliff in a later update to give the model additional height.

The model is small and is the perfect size to put on your desk. I did put some small details on the interior of the lighthouse, underneath the removable roof, but they're hard to capture with a camera because of the tight space.

Originally the lighthouse contained a button that turned on a lightbrick on the inside of the model. However the lightbrick burned out quickly. I am not familiar with all of the available light bricks out there, but if possible it would be nice to have one.

I also included a mini model of a freighter ship, which travel frequently through the Great Lakes.

Many Ideas projects are large and make for expensive sets. This project comes in at around 800 small pieces, and that could easily be further reduced, meaning this would be perfect for a more budget oriented set.

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