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UCS Dragon of the Storm


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Many years ago, Dragons were feared throughout the world. Even in cultures where Dragons were considered as guides and protectors, people tried to appease the Dragons in fear of angering them.

Some dragons in Chinese mythology were responsible for bringing rain to their land. People would pray that the dragon would water their lands, and nourish their farms. However, if the Dragon was angered, storms and floods would ravage the land.

This is one such Dragon. Bathed in the Lightning of the Storm, this Dragon has arrived to punish the land and its people for their disrespect. Really unfortunate, as a human couple was having a romantic picnic in the field.

This set comes in two parts: the Dragon, and the field. The Dragon is connected with a series of Friction Ball joints, and has a mouth that opens up to reveal a red tongue.

The field is made up of flat plates, with a few exceptions. On the field is a herd of cows, as well as a couple with their dog. Crackling down onto the field is a Bolt of Lightning, cracking the ground below.

I hope you like this set. If you do, please go see the other UCS Creatures sets that I have made. Thank you, and have a good day.

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