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Titan A.E. Valkyrie Ship inspiration

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Loosely inspired by my favorite animated sci-fi film Titan A.E. Based on the huge Valkyrie ship in the movie. The main image is a recreation of my original model in LDD with minor modifications. For those critical of the models dimensions, I purposely built it smaller for economic reasons (so m 8 y/old brother could hold it in one hand). If you've never heard of Titan A.E. but like sci-fi check out this video of the Valkyrie flying:

Thanks for your time!

Updated 8/16/12: Added Lights, closed canopy, forward swept wings, more accurate front engine pods, blue afterglow in engines

Vehicles to come (from Titan A.E.): Cale's ship, Indoor Hovercraft from diner, Hovercraft from Earth, Various Earth ships seen escaping in the beginning, dredge ship/s, maybe the Titan A.E (but it's suedo-death star theme has been done to death and the amount of bricks that would be required is vast (but possible in mini-kit form)).





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