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NASA Vehicle Assembly Building (Microscale)

This is a resubmission of an earlier project that met with a measure of success. It's featured again here with a few updates that improve the overall accuracy of the design.

Adhering to a scale of roughly 1:900, the core model of the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building has a standard 32 x 32 stud footprint (256 mm x 256 mm, 10.08" x 10.08"), making it nice and compact. The inclusion of the Launch Control Center and extended crawler way has been conceived as an optional modular expansion, while the astronaut minifigure shown in the master image is there to give a visual indication of the actual size.

The set comes with a tiny Crawler-Transporter, SLS Mobile Launcher Platform, and four SLS vehicles in Block 1/2 Crew/Cargo configurations, all correctly proportioned. This offers a few choices for display, according to personal preference. The vehicles can be attached to the Mobile Launcher Platform, which can in turn be placed on the Crawler-Transporter to complete the look.

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