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Space Race!


Space Race!


Roll the die to move!

Get rocket power-ups!

Land on speed boosts!

Your in the SPACE RACE!!! 




How to play:


1. Pick the color ship you want to be.


2. Place your the ship you chose on the starting line (It does not matter where).


3. Order of play is youngest to oldest


4. When it is your turn, role the die. One black tile on the white side of the die means, your game piece can move one space. Two black tiles means your game piece can move two spaces. The all black tile means you can move black holes. The gray tile means you can move asteroids.


5. If you move a black hole, and another player hits it then they return to the beginning.


6. Asteroids are for blocking the other players.


7. you can collect the orange gems, then when you want you take one of the paint brushes (rockets) and fire them each rocket can go up to three spaces max. After you fire the rocket remove the orange gem from your inventory. If you hit another player with your rocket then they go back one space and lose a life.


8. To regain your life role the die to see how many you can regain. If you role the black tile then you do not get any life back, if you role the gray tile you get three lives back, on the checkered tiles you get as many lives as little black squares.


9. Light green spaces with arrows in between are speed boosts. Landing on the any of the speed boost spaces allows you to go to the end light green space.


10. Portals are for teleporting. When you land on the space with the colored moon stones you go to the space without the moon stones of the same color.


11. Wining the game. You can win by getting your game piece to the space the color of our game piece. (If you would like the game to go longer then you can make the game so that there's laps. You just go around the board as many times as you want).


12. Or can win by whoever gets the most trophies WINS!!.


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