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Lego Ice Age


I came up with this after I sent an email to Blue Sky, telling them not to make anymore Ice Age films but to make a spin-off TV show for Cartoon Network starring Scrat and that's it. But then I imagined Scrat being in Lego Dimensions and that's where this came from, I was originally going to include a photo, but 1: I don't have a lot of Lego bricks and I pretty much only have red, yellow, blue, black and white bricks with some grey and orange bricks, and 2: I don't have a camera and even with my sister's help using her iPad, I may not have enough light. So instead, I made a prototype model using Lego Digital Designer. This model is based on the opening scene from the first movie and that squirrel is Scrat with his iconic acorn, I hope Lego makes a much better Scrat minifig when they start making sets based on this.

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