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The Fading Glory

Dive into the captivating world of medieval decay with "The Fading Glory" building set. Featuring approximately 2000 intricately designed pieces, this set offers a challenging construction project for enthusiasts of all ages.

Four stages of decay, the Set shows the downfall of a medieval tower with living rooms, sleeping room and chicken coop.

Embark on a visual journey through the history of an medieval tower, from its prime to its decline. Witness the transformation of the tower through four stages of decay, each meticulously detailed to capture the atmosphere of bygone eras.

From pristine grandeur to crumbling ruins, each stage depicts the tower's gradual deterioration with lifelike realism. Immerse yourself in the narrative of the past and unleash your creativity as you shape the various facets of decay by hand.

"The Fading Glory" building set not only provides an engaging construction experience but also serves as a striking decoration for any room or a valuable addition to any collection. Bring history to life and let your imagination soar with this unique and captivating set.

I build it because I love to go to ruins in my area in Bavaria and dream about the glory of the times they have been.

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