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Christmas Collection - Advent wreath


It is christmastime again, and because of this we created a easy to build, but very detailed Set. There are already a lot of nice sets to this theme, playable and decorative ones.  But we miss the classical items like Nutcracker, moving Pyramide or candle arch. Thats why we produced this wreath.
This is great for collectors and all who love to add new things to decorate their homes for christmas in a real AFOL-Style.  

We like to introduce you our Advent wreath. It will pass you the time waiting for christmas. You can add fire each sunday before Santa is coming. Because of its size it will be great to have it on your desk. This Set is already build for real and we earned a lot of positive feedback. Thats why we decided to submit this model to LEGO Ideas as well. 
It comes on a small stand, is about 15cm x 15cm x 15cm (LBH) and is made off 416 pieces.
The price should be about 39,00 € if it is produced by LEGO.
We are planning to add electric light to the candles. There will be an update, of this project reaches 5000 Supporters until christmas 2016.

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