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Lego Jeep and Airstream


Hi Lego Ideas Community,

This is my first project with Lego Ideas. I would love to hear any advice people have for how I can make my project even better. Please leave me your comments.

This is a Lego jeep and airstream I designed on LDD. The jeep can transport four minifigs, but is still small enough to look great next to the other Lego vehicles you have collected. The doors and hatch back open. The airstream has a bed, dining area, and a stove. The airstream is easily accessed from a side panel on hinges, and the cockpits on either end also open.

If this project is accepted by the Lego Ideas Team, I think it would look great with a minifig or two, a campfire, and a dog.

I have always loved Lego's camper sets, and decided to design one of my own based off of my favorite camper style: The airstream. If you love the way airstream campers look, you will want to add this camper and jeep to your collection.

Thank you for your support!


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