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Antares Warrior (Titan Series)

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And There it is!
Antares Warrior its a super Mech Warrior that Fights Alongside with "Hawk"

This Mega Warrior comes with a lot of articulation, Elbow, Shoulder, Head, Neck, Legs, Knees, Ankles and the wing in his head.

"In a distant Galaxy, There was Antares; A Mech with the force of a Sun"

-UPDATE- 10.3.2012

-New Minifigure "Hawk" The Pilot
-New Light-Year Hawk Attach
-New Minifigure Chest Mounting
-New Complete Photos

Here he is standing with the support Light-year Hawk and Various Close up Views,
-The Head and the Cabin
-Waist and Legs
-Light-Year Hawk
-Upgraded Feet with Ankle movement

Cabin getting opened, and the placement of minifigure "Hawk" The Pilot; Easy to do and complete close.

"Hawk" The Pilot

An Air-Force Pilot that has been choose for a Great Battle, With his Brave and Arrogant personality he accepted for being an earth Savior.

The suit has a perfect match of colors.

Light-Year Hawk Attaches in the back for more impulse. Gives the ability to fly.

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