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The Dark Knight Rises Bane's tumbler

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This is my custom Tumbler from The Dark Knight Rises.
I have made it as detailed as possible with an awesome hidden feature!
This vehicle includes 4 wheels, 1 Minifigure- Bane, a hidden canon, and opening front windows.

the four wheels roll very smoothly for fun playing ability
Both front windows open up for access
middle piece in between the two front windows can easily come off to reveal hidden firing canon
hidden firing canon
movable flaps in back
and once you fire your canon you can open up the two front windows and sit Bane in side comfortably.

If you want this to become a future Lego set then please bookmark, comment, and most of all, support!!!

Thank you for your interest in this CUUSOO project.

The back of the tumbler. As you can see it has the engine, back wheels, movable flaps, and the trigger to fire the hidden canon.

A side view of the tumbler.

as you can see here, the middle piece has been removed, which reveals the hidden canon.

Here in the back is the trigger to the hidden canon. all you need to do it pull!

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