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Blue Truck with a Loading Boom

What an awesome vehicle is that? It's a beautiful blue truck with a loading boom, a perfect one when some wood logs have to be taken and transported anywhere else. Not only is it functional but has handsome outlook too, doesn't it?

Let's have a look on the stuff

The model has two built-in motors: an M-motor for steering and an XL-motor for driving. They are connected to a signal receiver so the truck is remotely controlled and drives wherever you want.

In case you wanted to move the truck manually, you can disconnect the steering motor from the mechanism very simply by a switcher. (So that the motor doesn't handicap.)

The vehicle has lights so it is adapted to night drives. They are turned on/off with a switch hidden in the car's left side.

And now let's focus on the boom. It turns around and moves up and down, it's a great tool to pick up things and put them onto the trunk. There's a pneumatic mechanism to control the boom. With no problem does it lift heavy wood logs.

I built it because I wanted to make some mobile model with power functions which could easily drive through the flat and would have a trunk to transport things. I decided to build a truck.

The most vital question - why would it make a great LEGO set?

Well, as I wrote above, the model has many functions. Driving and loading make the toy's work look like a real truck's one.
You can practise doing a U-turn or parking using the truck.
Maybe you'd like to play with your friend puting something (a can of a soft drink? a letter? whatever?) onto the trunk and transporting it from one person to another. It's up to your imagination, I'm sure you'll have fun!
Besides, in time you are not using the toy, it'll be quite a nice decoration on your shelf, won't it?

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