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Salvador Dalí - The Elephants

"Give me two hours a day of activity, and I'll take the other twenty-two in dreams"

Salvador Dalí
Born in Spain in 1904, Salvador Dalí was a renowned artist known for his imaginative and unconventional works. His iconic mustache and eccentric personality matched his avant-garde art, especially his famous painting "The Elephants." Dali's influence in the Surrealist movement and contributions to various art forms make him a lasting figure in the world of creativity. He passed away in 1989, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire art enthusiasts globally.

"The Elephants"
Painted in 1948, "The Elephants" is a fascinating masterpiece featuring long-legged elephants gracefully carrying obelisks on their backs in a barren landscape. These whimsical creatures, with their spindly legs and hefty loads, transport viewers into a world where reality takes on a dreamlike quality, and imagination steals the spotlight. "The Elephants" beautifully demonstrates Dali's gift for blending the real with the fantastical, offering a delightful peek into the surreal landscapes shaped by his creative brilliance.

About my work
The concept for this project had been growing in my mind for a few months, and bringing it to life took even more time. Transforming it into a 3D format adds an extra layer of depth and dimension to the artwork, making it more exciting and immersive for everyone. With around 800 parts, I've put in a lot of effort to make sure every detail is just right. This not only makes the artwork more intricate but also stays true to the original painting, capturing little details that might be overlooked in regular 2D pictures
Adding a Lego Salvador Dali figurine brings a playful and recognizable vibe to the artwork. This not only captures interest but also makes the set more relatable and enjoyable for a broad audience.

P.S. Elephants are more stable than they look!

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