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Ninja Obstacle Course


Kiko Yadid (nickname: Kingstone)

Lego Artist and Head-chief of R&D division at Young-Engineers & Algobrix, Israel.

Describe the model:

The model is a modular kit, inspired by the Ninja Warrior obstacle course. It contains five separate models. Each model includes technical and system bricks, which makes it highly playable. The model was designed to demonstrate, realistically as possible, the visual and motional features of the Ninja Warrior obstacle course.

As a Martial-Artist who enjoys Ninja warrior TV show, I was inspired by the combination of a challengeable, playful course with athletes from different kinds of sports. My purpose was to design an interactive modular kit, one you would build and can't stop playing.

I believe my Ninja Warrior model would make a great LEGO set, firstly due to the globality of the TV series,  the kit would apply to a wide audience. Secondly, The modular kit may be divided into different mini-kits and can also be expanded in the future, which makes it highly profitable. Most importantly, the full set can easily be assembled differently, resulting in hours of play and fun. Who will be the next Ninja LEGO Warrior?  

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