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Lego Gas Monkey Pick-Up

In a true rat rod fashion I did not try to make it any make or model specific, instead it is a mix match of all the best! up front is only a grill and radiator with a "rat" hood ornament for laughs. Behind that is a functioning V8 engine. I don't normally like to use Lego's engine pieces, but they fit so perfect in this model I decided to go that route. Additional details to the engine, such as an intake manifold, fuel rails and exhaust headers have been added. There are so many different ways to configure this engine setup and make it your own, add a blower on top, crazy exhaust, etc! The cab features small side mirrors and simple T-shaped door handles. The back is a styleside bed without the fenders. A working tailgate with crooked license plate finishes it off. In the bed there is some wood decking and a fuel cell. No room underneath since it has been lowered to the ground.

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