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Hall of Central Harmony - Forbidden City - Beijing - PRC


This is the Hall of Central Harmony, built in 1420 at the beginning of the early Ming-Dynasty.

It is located between the Hall of Supreme Harmony (Taihedian) and the Hall of Preserved Harmony (Baohedian). These three, known as the Three Great Halls of the Outer Court, are on the central axis of the Forbidden City. Of the three, it is the smallest.

I tried to reach the minifigure-scale.  Several fresh colours in the model are used.   On every wind-site is a 2-door opening.  The walls are 'open', created with open fences.   The large yellow roof can be lifted up, to see the interrior of the Emperors Heavenly Seat.

This model has appr. 7200 bricks.

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